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OCT – Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT Scanning ThumbnailOptical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a scanning technique that allows an optometrist to look deeper into the patients’ eyes than would be possible during a regular eye exam, for the purpose of diagnosing eye diseases. Although many optometric practices do not yet provide OCT Mississauga Vision Centre is proud to offer the latest technology in eye care.

The Cirrus HD-OCT

Zeiss, world renowned for its cutting edge lens technology, produces this high definition 3 dimensional scanner. With fast-acting retinal tracking, precise macular thickness analyses, and detailed layer maps, this advanced OCT scanner allows us to pick up early warning signs of developing macular degeneration, and monitor confirmed cases for progression, allowing earlier intervention which is associated with better vision loss prevention.

The Cirrus HD-OCT scanner at our vision clinic comes equipped with powerful applications that assess structural details for symptoms of glaucoma, even before symptoms develop. Using an OCT scanner, glaucoma can be detected up to six years earlier that it might otherwise be picked up, based on the quality of the nerve fiber layer. Detecting glaucoma early offers our patients the greatest opportunity to begin treatment early and prevent low vision associated with glaucoma.

Serving Mississauga and Brampton optometrists are able to retain a digital baseline of your eye exam results. Dr. Carl Zeiss HD-OCT integrates precise, automatic visit-to-visit registration, so we can visualize and measure changes over time.

You may be thinking: Great new tool, Dr Sud, but…

Does it hurt?

OCT scanning is non-invasive: it doesn’t even touch the eye, and the results are instantaneous. You just look into the eyepiece, and the OCT produces a 3D image of the layers of the retina. The way a dental x-ray yields an image of the root of the tooth, OCT helps visualize the retina, which can be compared to the root of the eye. Changes to the sensitive tissue of the retina can indicate the development of serious eye diseases and conditions. Treating them early can save eyesight. That’s why our eye doctors offer this advanced diagnostic technology at our Ontario eye care clinics.

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