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Automated Testing

Our Automated Testing is Precise & Reduces the Guesswork

At Mississauga Vision Centre and Brampton Vision Centre, our optometrists are equipped with the latest technology which allows us to better examine all aspects of your eyes, provide early detection of eye disease, provide appropriate monitoring of progression and effectiveness of treatment.

Our eye care clinic provides:

  1. glasses senior hispanicRetinal imaging to take digital images of outside and inside of the eye
  2. A specialized test called “OCT” to allow for early diagnosis of retinal or optic nerve disease
  3. Automated refraction to assist in determining vision correction
  4. Automated visual field testing for early diagnosis of glaucoma and to detect neurological or other conditions that may effect the optic nerve
  5. Automated topography which allows for mapping of the shape of the cornea to detect for irregular corneal disease
With technology, we can better diagnose and manage conditions for our valuable patients and we are happy to always invest in the latest technology as the lifetime health of your eyes are our priority.