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Same Day Glasses

Eyeglasses Ready in One Hour

Choosing The Perfect Eyeglasses ThumbnailWhen it comes to quick and efficient service, Mississauga Vision Centre and Brampton Vision Centre can’t be beaten. With a cutting-edge laboratory located in the store, we will craft, treat, coat, finish, and fit most eyeglass and sunglass lenses within the same day. Our optical staff and equipment are first-rate, and we’ll ensure that you are fully satisfied with your eyewear. Much more reliable than conventional methods of fitting lenses, we utilize digital measurements to create a lens fit with perfect precision.

Broken nosepad or bent?

Our opticians are trained to help with minor repairs. Along with replacing lenses in your favorite frames or simply tightening a few screws, we’re here to help with your eyeglass repairs in our Mississauga and Brampton practices.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in quality, convenience and friendly service, we invite you to join our Mississauga Vision Centre and Brampton Vision Centre experience.