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Starting September 1st, Seniors, Children, and OHIP Insured Patients Lose Access to Care.

Optometrists across Ontario are driven by the singular goal of providing the best patient care possible. We diagnose and treat hundreds of ocular diseases while providing exceptional clarity of vision and optical products to all who need our help.

As things stand, Ontario optometrists are compensated for only half of what an OHIP-covered eye exam costs them to perform.

OHIP reimbursements haven’t increased in a meaningful way in over 30 years.

  • In 1989, the Ontario government paid $39.15 for an eye exam and today, 32 years later, they pay an average of $44.65.
  • Payments increased by about 9% yet inflation has increased since then by about 90%.
  • Ontario is the lowest paid province compared to QC’s $106.90 and AB’s $137.02.

This amount does not come close to covering the cost (including rent, staff, utilities, equipment, taxes and supplies) to provide an eye exam.

Sign the petition.
Save eye care!

As a consequence of this crisis, the Optometric Association of Ontario and all its members are now referring many services out to local family doctors, nurse practitioners, and ophthalmologists.

We do this because we simply cannot afford to do otherwise.

Everyone in the province is encouraged to sign since we all know friends/family who benefit from OHIP.

pediatric eye exams in Ontario

Who does this affect?

  • Seniors (65+)
  • Children (19 and under)
  • Adults with OHIP covered eye conditions

What If My Exam Is Scheduled During This Time?

Our staff will reach out to all OHIP patients who have an appointment scheduled during the job action & place them on a priority booking list.

We will reschedule all OHIP patients as soon as possible once the job action is over.

We will contact patients the Friday before their exam in the event the appointment is cancelled due to the job action.

Who Can Have An Eye Exam?

  • Patients who are 20-64 and do not have OHIP coverage can still come to our practice for an eye exam.
  • Eye emergencies are still taken care of regardless.

Can I Pay For My Eye Exam?

No. Provincial law restricts all OHIP insured patients to pay for services even with their own

Canadian 20 dollars

Here’s What You Need To Do:

save eye care in Otario today

Reach out and make your voice heard!

  1. Fill out the petition form through the Ontario Optometric Association.
    Go to
  2. Publicly reach out to the Minister of Health, the Hon. Christine Elliott. Contact her office by email and phone at 416-327-4300
  3. Tweet the need for change to @celliottability.
  4. Post publicly on Facebook groups and include “@ChristineElliottON”.
  5. Find the MPP representing your riding and follow the same steps in #2 above. Reach out by phone, email, and publicly on social media.

Has The Government Responded At All?

Currently, the Government offered an 8.48% increase to offset our reimbursement rate to $51.00. Unfortunately, that’s still far below the reimbursement rate of every other province and not a sustainable model.