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Ready, Set, School: Empower Your Child’s Vision With Our Guide

Mississauga Vision Centre 480609 Back to school BlogAs the back-to-school season approaches, it's essential to ensure your child's vision is ready for the academic year ahead. We'll explore the importance of sunglasses and sun protection, myopia management, and annual eye exams for kids.

Mississauga Vision Centre is your trusted partner for comprehensive eye exams that can set the foundation for a successful school year.

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Sunglasses & UV Protection for Your Child

With the sun still shining brightly during the early school days, protecting your child's eyes from harmful UV rays is crucial. Sunglasses aren't just a fashion accessory; they play a vital role in safeguarding young eyes from potential damage. We offer a variety of fun and kid-friendly sunglasses to ensure your child's eyes are safeguarded during outdoor activities and playtime.

Choosing Sunglasses for School Children: A Simple Checklist

When getting sunglasses for your school-aged children, keep these key points in mind:

100% UV Protection: Look for sunglasses that provide full UV protection to shield young eyes from harmful rays.

Impact-Resistant Lenses: Opt for sturdy and impact-resistant lenses to withstand active play.

Comfortable Fit: Ensure the sunglasses fit snugly and comfortably to prevent slipping during activities.

Wraparound Design: Consider sunglasses with a wraparound design for added side protection.

Polarized Lenses: Polarized lenses reduce glare, making them ideal for outdoor activities.

Are Sunglasses Safe For School Children?

Sunglasses are crucial for school children to protect their developing eyes from harmful UV rays. It’s important to ensure their sunglasses fit well and are made with durable, child-friendly materials.

Myopia Management & Ortho-K

Myopia (nearsightedness) is becoming increasingly prevalent among school-aged children. A study published in the journal Eye found that the overall prevalence of myopia in Canadian school children was 17.5%. This means that 1 in 5 Canadian school children have myopia! The good news is that myopia management options like orthokeratology (ortho-K) can help slow the progression of nearsightedness. During ortho-K treatment, your child wears specially designed contact lenses overnight to reshape the cornea, providing clear vision without glasses or daytime contacts.It is essential to start myopia management early to prevent its progression and the heightened risk of severe eye conditions like glaucoma and retinal detachment. Taking early action ensures your child's vision stays sharp and clear throughout their academic journey.

Essential Back-to-School Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are the cornerstone of proper vision care for children. So before the school bell rings, make sure your child's vision is at its best with a comprehensive back-to-school eye exam.

At Mississauga Vision Centre, our comprehensive eye exams are specially designed for kids of all ages, ensuring we detect any potential and ongoing vision problems early on and provide the best care possible for optimal eye health, visual acuity, and overall well-being for the academic year ahead.

Why Choose Mississauga Vision Centre for Your Child's Vision Needs?

Our experienced and caring optometrists take pride in offering personalized and compassionate eye care for school children of all ages. We understand the importance of creating a warm and friendly environment, making every visit a pleasant experience for your child. Our expertise in pediatric eye care ensures that we address any concerns and provide tailored solutions to meet your child's unique visual needs.

From fittings for UV-protective sunglasses to providing personalized myopia management solutions like ortho-K, we're dedicated to offering the best vision care for your little one.

Schedule Your Child’s Annual Eye Exam in Mississauga

Ready to give your child the gift of a clear vision and a successful academic journey? Schedule their annual eye exams with Mississauga Vision Centre today and equip them with top-notch vision and confidence for a successful school year.

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