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Dr. Jaspreet Boparai

Dr. Jaspreet Boparai

Dr. Jaspreet Boparai graduated from IAUPR School of Optometry. Prior to that she completed her BSc. Honors from the University of Guelph. After living away from home for the past few years, Dr. Boparai is excited to practice in her hometown of Brampton. Dr. Boparai did her externship rotations in New York City, Washington DC, and various specialty clinics across Puerto Rico.

During school, she volunteered through Lions Club and performed eye exams in remote areas of Puerto Rico. Dr. Boparai was a part of Remote Access Medical USA and provided eye exams in distraught areas of Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria.

One of her most memorable and most valuable learning experiences was a volunteer mission trip to Monte Criste, the Dominican Republic where she and her colleagues performed eye exams and provided glasses for over 450 patients. Dr. Boparai was born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, Ontario. She received her first pair of eyeglasses when she was 9 years old and since then she was intrigued by the field of optometry.

Dr. Boparai lives in Brampton, with her parents, grandparents, sister, and her dog, Mickey. She likes to travel, read, explore new places, and attend hot yoga classes. Dr.Boparai is able to perform eye exams in Punjabi, Hindi, and Spanish.