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Few changes I'd like to make . This was 3 years ago !!!! have been coming to Vision Center for a very long time I get my check ups yearly and never missed an appointment cause I'm reminded by the receptionist phone call ahead of time. Dr Sud and staff are proffesional nice, polite, kind and pretty chill they love a good conversation . Since they renovated recently they are up to parss and a cleanly atmosphere. I also get my glasses and contacts here advices are much appreciate it- I recommend "vision center". Sorry gotta change few things so last week I'm not covered by OHIP and My doctor who I knew for decades said good bye to me . It's sad our leaders and government can only look at money, profits, and optometrist, dental care should be Canadians first priority and covered . They don't care about treating people right no longer specially in theses times .
- sho k.
Great place !! Helpful staff .
- Nehal G.
new to the Brampton area, I had Dr Boparai and she was incredible! super friendly and informative
- Andrew W.
I've been driving over an hour away from Whitby to Brampton to see Dr.Sud i refuse to change Opticians. Absolute best Optician I would drive twice the distance and no he's not paying me to say it. Professional, kind, passionate about his work, he has taken good care of my elderly mother and sister who has a very strong prescription for most of their lives. it's a 5 star review only because there's not 6 stars available.
- Pablo I.
Great Place!! Everyone is very helpful, especially Preet. She is extremely friendly and treats every customer very patiently. She is very helpful and always gives correct advise. In short they take care of you. I would recommend this place for everyone. Preet has a special talent when it comes to kids. She always goes above and beyond for her customers.
- Annely S.
Hi there! I would like to compliment Dr. Datta-Bose for the care that she provides to my father for his eyes. My dad has always spoken of Dr. Datta-Bose very highly, but I personally understood why he does that when I helped him with his complications regarding his recent cataract surgeries. My dad was seeing a lot of floaters and was complaining of a decrease in vision this past weekend. Dr. Datta-Bose immediately diagnosed his condition - there was a tear in his retina. She send him to St. Michael's, where they were able to treat the tear. Dr. Datta Bose called yesterday to ensure everything went well at the hospital, and to see how he was recovering. Such optometrists are rare to find, so if you do find one, keep them! Thank you, Dr. Datta Bose, for your bedside manner. You are the best, and I wish you continued success and prosperity. I strongly recommend Dr. Datta-Bose for your eyecare!
- Sana R.
Dr. Sana did an amazing job. She took her time to cater to my needs and answered all my questions. She explored all my options and possibilities. She did not rush or speed up the process. She is a talented professional who genuinely cares about her patients.
- Fatima B.