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Clean, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Sana Al-Imari and the team were an absolute pleasure to deal with.
1 week ago
- Joanna
I just had an appointment with Dr. Angra and it was absolutely fantastic. She was extremely thorough and it’s obvious that she really cares about her patient’s well-being. After my appointment I was fitted for glasses by Alex which was also a very pleasant experience. He was very patient with my indecisiveness and it seems like he literally knows everything about glasses. Overall a great experience and I would highly recommend!
4 weeks ago
- Romtin H.
I have been using this vision care office for few years now and especially would like to complement their Ortho-K services. This is a great technogy that allows a person to wear lenses at night and not to wear them during the day. Dr. Sud in this office turns out to be one of the noticable supporters of this approach in the region. The doctor has been very supportive, tactful, and accommodating during the last few years that my daughter is using this method and during some mishaps that inevitably happen. Highly recommend.
1 month ago
- Sergei V.
This is the last place you will ever visit for any kind of vision needs. Especially Dr. Sood, an outstanding Optometrist and a gem of a person. Team members at every stage are so polite and extend courtesy every step, hence process made flawless. One day we find out that our son(10) has a vision problem. We were terrified. We get to know about Dr. Sood from my sister's family as my niece is already with Dr. Sood. Dr. Sood and the team examined and explained the situation in such a way that half of our problem (Stress) was already gone, including our son's. He has a unique way to deal with his patients. He will make the patient comfortable and listen to him with no rush ever. Today was our 8th visit I believe, same attention was given to us as it was day one. THIS IS A NEW PROCESS(IMO) to kind of temporary cure to eyesight, where our son DOESNT HAVE TO WEAR EITHER GLASSES OR LENSES DURING DAY TIME AT ALL AND STILL HIS EYESIGHT IS 20/20. No, our son did not go through any surgery. We are from Brantford, but Mississauga is not far for us for such a successful treatment. We highly recommend his clinic and the process as well as we and my sister's family highly benefited from this unique treatment and Dr. Sood as well as his team at Mississauga Vision Centre. Thank you Dr. Sood and Team
1 month ago
- Raja S.
Great clinic! Dr Grewal was very informative and helpful.
2 months ago
- Gagandeep D.
I must admit is such a pleasure to go to Mississauga Vision Centre now. It was tough going for a while there. I have been seeing Dr Sud for the last few years and he has been nothing but wonderful and professional. They also have some new staff at the Optical when you get your glasses and the customer service there is just absolutely great. For me this is so important because I have been going there since Dr. Zoeberi (I don't know what happened but he was a wonderful doctor) It was a bit rough for a while after he left and I did not go back there for a number of years because the experience was just horrible but I am happy to say it is a relief to go back there again.
2 months ago
- Sherma J.
I took my 12 year old daughter to Brampton vision center because she became near sighted and our friend in US recommended Ortho-K procedure to control Myopia. We found that Dr. Vishal Sud is practicing Ortho-K treatment in Brampton. After detailed assessment process and explanation from Dr. Sud, we decided to try it. It turned out to be the best decision we made for our daughter! After 6 months treatment, her situation is very good. Her vision is near perfect. She just needs to put on the lens every night before sleep and take off them when she gets up in the morning. She struggled in the very beginning when she put on the contact lens for the first time in her life. But once she gets used to it after one week of practise, everything works out smoothly. Now our daughter can enjoy her school without eye glass! Thank you Dr. Sud!
2 months ago
- Xiangrong P.